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According to Neroli Makim the author of “Your Inner Knowing: Unlocking The Secrets To Creative Success,” creativity is an elusive commodity that businesses are actively seeking as a characteristic in prospective employees.  Furthermore, as prospective future employees, we should realize that we have potential for being creative and unlock that potential to succeed in business.

In my line of work, creativity is not only sought after, it is a necessity.  Everyday we encounter obstacles and challenges that require ingenuity, imagination, and inventiveness.  During the course of my job, for example, I have to come up with solutions that fulfill the needs and desires of a customer by designing an adequate landscaping plan.  In addition, my job requires that I bid the job within a limited budget.  To do so, sometimes requires creative solutions such as negotiating material prices, etc.

Our landscape managers and employees have to use creativity on a daily basis to solve problems that arise on the job site.  For example, a simple task such as moving a boulder requires a great deal of creativity when machinery is not available.  A more complicated task such as drawing water from a creek or pond to irrigate requires a team of creative minds to find a great solution.

While I agree that all of us possess creativity, I’ve also witnessed that some people have greater access to it, while others have greater access to other quality traits.  Just as we all have the capacity to learn calculus or create beautiful paintings.  Therefore, it is our job as managers to find the best characteristics and traits in our employees and use our creativity to match our employees to the jobs that best match their traits.