There are many challenges in the landscaping industry.  The economy has ravaged our industry, good help is extremely hard to find, competition is teaming with unlicensed contractors and unemployed construction workers, and many people don’t see the value of making changes to their yards because these changes will not translate to a higher home price in the short run.

The latter challenge is the most difficult to accept.  Yes, making upgrades to homes will not create the same increase in price as they did four years ago. However, if view your yard as an outdoor living space and realize that making simple changes can drastically increase the value of your life, you will realize the value investing in your landscape can create.

The reason why I love landscaping is that it can provide so much value to your life.  Each of us has a different lifestyle and idea of what a living space should, but it is extremely important to change the perception of what a yard is and realize that it is viable living space.  Even a simple change, such as adding a fire pit will add a focal point and warmth to your yard.

Whether you like to entertain friends, grow food, play with your kids, or reconnect with nature, we need to start seeing our landscapes as outdoor rooms and  living spaces.  Once you begin to think about it this way, you begin to realize that making changes to your yard not only increase the value of your home, but more so, they increase the value of your life.  So next time you look at your yard, think about this and visualize what it can be.